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Piroctone Olamine


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For persistent dandruff, the Hégor solution offers the PIROCTONE OLAMINE PYRITHIONE ZINC shampoo.
The combination of two complementary antifungal active ingredients (PIROCTONE OLAMINE and PYRITHIONE ZINC) regulates the proliferation of germs present on the scalp and thus makes it possible to slow down epidermal renewal.
RESULTS: major improvement in stubborn dandruff.
USE: use this shampoo 2 to 3 times a week for 6 weeks. Then, to prevent a relapse, use the CLIMBAZOLE 50 shampoo as your usual shampoo.
150 ml bottle


Climbazole 50


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For minor dandruff conditions, the Hégor solution offers the CLIMBAZOLE 50 shampoo, which prevents a return of dandruff and maintains the results obtained with the CLIMBAZOLE 150 shampoo.

RESULTS: elimination of fine dandruff.

USE: use this shampoo 2 to 3 times a week for 4 weeks after using the CLIMBAZOLE 150 shampoo for 4 weeks.

150 ml bottle

HEGOR | Climbazole 150 shampoo

Climbazole 150 shampoo

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In the case of severe dandruff and itching, the Hégor solution offers the CLIMBAZOLE 150 shampoo, which eliminates dandruff after the 4th week of treatment.
RESULTS: no more dandruff or itching.
USE: use this shampoo 2 to 3 times a week for 4 weeks.
TIP: To avoid a relapse, alternate this shampoo with the CLIMBAZOLE 50 shampoo for 4 further weeks. Then, continue using the CLIMBAZOLE 50 shampoo or the Hydra-soft shampoo with ORGANIC SILICON all year long.
150 ml bottle



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While washing and styling, or even on your pillow in the morning, this type of hair falls out in great quantities. This abnormal hair loss can be caused by androgenetic alopecia (hyper-receptiveness to male hormones, hereditary predisposition, lack of vitamins, proteins or sulphur-containing amino acids). It is also associated with hyper-seborrhea of the scalp or sometimes stress. The Hégor solution offers an effective hair loss treatment.
A trichogenic complex in a lotion that slows hair loss and increases the speed of hair growth. The lotion regulates seborrhea conditions, facilitates styling and improves shine and body.
RESULTS: slowed hair loss, restored beauty and suppleness. Easy styling.
USE: apply lotion part by part on scalp and massage in gently with fingertips. Use the lotion 3 times a week on clean, dry or wet hair for 3 months.
125 ml bottle

TIP: during the treatment, the anti-irritant shampoo with ALOE VERA is recommended to preserve the scalp.
The effectiveness of the Hégor fortifying Anti-Hair Loss Lotion has been proven.
Dermatological clinical study:
Evolution of hair loss after 2 and 4 months of treatment with the Hégor Fortifying Anti-Hair Loss Lotion.

Sensorial appreciation (40 volunteers):
Effectiveness of the Hégor Fortifying Anti-Hair Loss Lotion after 2 and 4 months of treatment:
 After 4 months of treatment
Very good to good result
Objective analysis of hair response:
Evolution of the ratio between the number of anagen hairs and the number of telogen hairs on 3 areas of the scalp after 2 and 4 months of treatment with the Hégor Fortifying Anti-Hair Loss Lotion.